This is a really clean dish – great if you’re doing the whole #febfast thing like me. But, also an awesome lunch or dinner idea should you want something filling and tasty. You can put your own spin on this dish by adding coconut milk – to make it fuller and creamy, or by changing out the chicken for beef… or tofu, if you love a bit of the soy stuff. I like my soup super spicy, so leave the chilli (or stick to a pinch) if you’re a soft southerner/ wuss. The ingredients below will make enough for four large servings of this delicious soup. So, enjoy!

What you’ll need:
Couple of stock cubes (flavour of your choosing)
A garlic clove, or two
A Birdseye chilli
Grated ginger – plenty
Soba noodles – 2/3rds of a pack
Two large chicken breasts sliced into thin strips
Fresh mint leaves
Asian style veggies (think Bok Choy, mushrooms, spring onions)
Five mugs of boiling water
Salt and pepper for seasoning
Limes for squeezing

The method:
– Put your boiling water, stock cubes, chilli, garlic, ginger and chilli into a big pot. Stir till the stock cubes dissolve. Get the pot contents bubbling.
– In another pot, cover your soba noodles – and a large pinch of salt – with boiling water and simmer them for four minutes. Then drain, rinse in cold water and set aside.
– Next, throw your diced chicken into the bubbling stock pot and let it poach away. The trick to knowing when this stock pot is done, is to have perfectly tender, poached chicken. So keep a regular check on it.
– Throw any veg, such as spring onions and mushrooms, into the bubbling pot too.
– Tear up your Bok Choy and other Asian veg and place in the bottom of your serving bowls (deep soup bowls are ideal).
– Top each bowl with soba noodles and then tear up some mint leaves onto that.
– Spoon the broth over the soba noodles, and add a squeeze of lime to the top.
– Eat!


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